Glam Rock Star Party

My daughter wanted a rock star theme party. It was her vision for the guests to enjoy the 'lifecycle of a rockstar'. Girls loved bopping from one station to another throughout the afternoon.

First there were the spa treatments and as one guest found out the cucumbers not only felt good, but they were pretty tasty too...

Gotta get your hair done at the Glam Style Station....hats, hair, doo-dads boa feathers...

October is a great month to do a rock star party because their are so many accessories, like these hair extensions, in stores. Found these at good old Dollar Tree.

With your hair and personal style done, it's time to head on over for a little glitter at the Beauty Bar.

Breaking Out for Fun and Games
Time for some fun and games before the Rockers head on over to the Pinkalicious stage. Nothing like a little mystery shopping to give a girl an extra energy kick. The girls also played pin the microphone on the rock star.

Sweets sustain the guests until the after party.
The group is all glitz and glam having fun with karaoke. Ready to party like Rock Stars.

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  1. Oh my gosh, this party rocked (literally)! I can't get over the security guards!LOL